Faye: My name is Faye, and I’ve been in the village over six and a half years.

James: Hi, my name’s James and I’ve been here in Helena Valley Lifestyle Village for two and a half years. I absolutely love it here.

Faye: Why did I come into the village? Well, I needed somewhere to live. I knew I was at that stage of my life, I had to think for the future. So downsizing to a certain degree.

James: And why did I come into the village, a lifestyle village? At the time, I was single, retired male, looking for somewhere to live.

Faye: I chose Helena Valley Lifestyle Village because It’s very close to where I used to live. I’ve got a farming background. I need space and I could see space here and very much like-minded people are here as well. I’ve discovered I can walk anywhere. I walk down to the library, I walk to IGA which is a very good IGA, and we can get onto the highways very quickly if you want to get out to the city.

James: And I came to Helena Valley because I just didn’t want to be living in the suburbs. And here we’ve got lots of lovely trees and wildlife and it’s a great environment to live in.

Faye: And we just love the the red earth look, the facilities we’ve been given. Well, we couldn’t ask for anything better.

James: I like the social interaction. The moment you walk through the front gate, you immediately have 100, 150 friends. You’re all like aged, similar interests. And as Faye was saying, we have a beautiful community garden, which is our common interest, which is where we met. And all these beautiful games and bowls and workshops and clubrooms and the stage here is short of being open, is just absolutely fantastic.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 21 April 2021.

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