My name is Gaynor and I’ve lived at the Helena Valley Lifestyle Village for 16 months. I came to Helena Valley Lifestyle Village because I was on my own.

I needed company. I needed something to stimulate my life when I retired. I feel safe in here. So that was another reason that I came here and all the activities: you don’t really have to leave the village and you can be busy all the time. The location was a big attraction. You feel like you’re in the country. It’s all very natural. The trees, the bush and also the facilities. Everything is here. It’s all brand new.

What do I like the most about Helena Valley Lifestyle Village is the people, the people make the village, Helena Valley has the most

wonderful sense of community spirit. We’re all safe in here, we’re
all like-minded people and we look out for each other and do things together. I never felt safe at home when I was now living on my own, so I feel safe now. My neighbours are very close. We walk to events together and even if I’m walking back from the beach on my own, from the clubhouse, I feel safe.

It’s all well lit and well looked after. One of the great things about Helena Valley Lifestyle Village is we can have friends and family to stay and most importantly, our grandchildren or great-grandchildren. They love to come and spend a few days with us here. My choice to come and live in Helena Valley Lifestyle Village has been the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ve got no regrets with my choice. I’m having a wonderful life here.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 8 July 2021.

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