My name is Bev and my husband and I have been in Helena Valley Lifestyle Village for six months.

We came here to meet people. It’s the best thing we ever did. We didn’t have much support around us in the way of neighbours and family and now we’ve got this beautiful big extended family and lovely neighbours that pop in every day for a coffee or just to say hello. It’s wonderful. We liked the ethics of the recycling, they do a lot of recycling here. We’ve got a beautiful veggie patch that I go to once or twice a week to take my veggies down, and I also work in the garden.

And just the location really, it’s quite close to Midland, Midland Hospital and all the other facilities. And there’s everything here. You could just not leave the village if you wanted or else, you know, you’ve got all the other places around you.

The thing I love most about Helena Valley Lifestyle Village is I can go for a walk. I can just walk around the village. I walk down here at night and walk back and feel quite safe. If we were living somewhere else, I wouldn’t be so keen to walk the streets at night. Just got everything here. The gym, the pool, the garden. Just all there for you.

“This village is really good for me, there’s a lot of people and a lot of activities here.”

Information in this article is true and correct as of 21 April 2021.

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