Are we already talking about Christmas?! Wow. This year has flown by … I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

2023 has been another remarkable 12 months. We have warmly welcomed many new Lifestylers into the Village, home sales are still very strong and – as we plan ahead for our last residences to be built – even more people are booking sites in advance.

If you’re new to the Village, you may not yet know that important pipeline works will soon start in our community. These essential works are being done by the Water Corporation as part of the Hazelmere and Helena Valley water pipeline upgrade project. You can find out more here. (Water Corporation WA | Hazelmere and Helena Valley water pipeline.)

While this upgrade is delaying the build of our last home sites, you can still secure one of these now. They are, however, running out the door! As well, only a limited number of larger home designs are available to book now, so do come and see us soon.

Interestingly, because the Water Corporation project is much larger than just our Village, the timing of the works done here is flexible without changing the completion date. So, our plan is to ask for our part to begin after Christmas to minimise festive season disturbances.

It’s estimated the Village pipeline project should be finished around mid-2024. This means we need to start ordering our homes just after Christmas, paving the way for our civil contractors to come as soon as the Water Corporation is done.

This planning gives us a fast path to our homes being ready to live in – and that’s undoubtedly one of the great benefits of our modular home construction. We can be building your home at the same time as we’re building the site, allowing us to be streets ahead of traditional builders in terms of timing.

Currently, it’s taking around 26 weeks to build a home and have our Lifestylers move in. Compare that to some traditional homes taking years to build in today’s congested building market and I think we’re doing pretty well!

Until next time…
Enjoy your summer!

Information in this article is true and correct as of 24 November 2023.

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