Around one in five downsizers, according to Australian research, are seeking respite from the burden of up-keeping their large family home or garden, and our experience shows this to be true.

Understanding this, we deliberately set out to ensure life at Helena Valley is simpler; our homes are more compact and very easy care, but still feature everything you need.

We’ve been able to achieve this by embracing clever architectural design.

As part of this focus, we have a selection of one bedroom homes some of which are bigger than the two bedroom options and boast a lot of living space, catering perfectly for both singles and couples.

“Often Lifestylers coming to talk to us think they need two bedrooms – because they’re leaving a house that has four – but after they look at them, many discover one is enough,” says John.

“These days, space-saving furniture abounds and there are infinite stylish, high quality sofa bed options for that very occasional guest.”
The Village’s one bedroom range is very affordable, offering great value for money.

The ease of living in them also means you’ll have more free time to spend at the pool, gym, bar or relaxing with friends and family in one of the glorious spaces within our stunning $6 million Clubhouse.

There are currently a number of one bedroom home sites available, so book a tour today.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 9 January 2023.

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