The next generation of retirees are fitter, healthier and have a more youthful mindset.

They’re also prioritising social networks, lifestyle and wellness.

This evolution, outlined in a 2021 REA Insights Retirement Living Report, is changing the face of rightsizing, making lifestyle village facilities and activities more important than ever.

Helena Valley reflects this transformation.

“Our lifestylers generally consider themselves too young, fit or healthy for a typical retirement village, and, on average, will be 15 to 20 years younger,” explains Project Director John Green.

“Many still work full time, some part time and others are fully retired.”

The Village caters for all.

“Many homeowners are very private people who just stay connected to their family and existing friends; they love to read or tinker in the garden, and only participate in community gatherings occasionally,” he says.

“Others are social, active personalities who love larger gatherings and enjoy swimming, bowls, the gym, the hobby workshop and the arts.”

It’s also ideal for ‘lock and leavers’ and ‘stay and players’.

“Many residents love to travel for extended periods and relish how easy it is to go away and know their home is safe,” John explains.

“Others simply ‘stay and play’ because the Village feels like being on holiday every day!”

Up to half the community is single, divorced or widowed so being in a secure gated community is a great comfort.

“These folks cherish their independence but are looking for more opportunities for connection and friendship, which is harder living in a suburban home,” says John.

“There are couples who, with their kids off their hands, are ready for ‘me time’ so they downsize, free up cash, embrace a new home and say goodbye to large property maintenance.

“No matter who you are or how you like to live, you’ll find like-minded souls in the Village.”

Architecturally Designed Clubhouse & Facilities

Without doubt, the centrepiece of our Village is the modern Clubhouse with soaring ceilings and beautiful décor.

This year-round destination is a wonderful extension of your home, perfect for relaxing with a cuppa or friends.

Thanks to incredible vision, planning and implementation, the Village is a truly beautiful and peaceful place to be; the landscaping, trees and open spaces create a gorgeous ambience.

The quality homes – designed by award-winning architect Richard Hammond – are built on independent housing lots, with no common walls.
All boast reinforced concrete floors, strong steel frames, fibre cement walls, Colorbond roofing, excellent soundproofing and insulation, and comply with 6-star energy ratings.

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Information in this article is true and correct as of 5 December 2022.

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