For Horry Mawdesley, life is anything but quiet – which is just how the vibrant 78-year-old likes it.

“I find it hard to scratch myself, I’m so busy,” he jokes, having just got back from visiting the Van Gogh Alive exhibition with a neighbour from the Village.

While living in his previous home in a caravan park, Horry got chatting with a couple who were staying there until their home at Helena Valley Lifestyle Village was ready.

When they moved in, they invited him to visit.

Impressed with the extensive facilities and varied activities – like the men’s shed, regular dinners and breakfasts, darts, karaoke and more – Horry decided to make the change himself.

Not long after, he moved in to a one-bedroom, one-bathroom Red Gum design home.

“I love that everything’s brand new, the simplicity of the layout is ideal and having my own laundry is great,” says Horry, who also likes the camaraderie of the Village experience.

“There’s always something going on and I’ve just made so many friends.”

The avid tennis player says there’s always someone around to lend a helping hand – and he’s been known to hang curtains, blinds and picture frames for friends too.

“I usually charge by the wine bottle!” laughs Horry.

A retiree, he’s thoroughly enjoying himself and would recommend the lifestyle to anyone.

“If you have the opportunity, grab it with both hands and just come in; it’s such an experience and everything’s set up so well,” he says.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 3 October 2022.

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