Professional Lifestyle Change Co-ordinators are trained to minimise chaos and stress associated with a lifestyle change. Jay Shaw, Director of NE Solutions discusses ways in which a Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator can assist you with downsizing, whether you need help with space planning, home beautification or decluttering.

Co-ordinating Your Lifestyle Change

One of the biggest challenges facing downsizers with a lifestyle change is usually the physical moving from their family home, with all the associated memories. Many say it is too much to do – to warrant such a big move:

“The hassle to get the house ready for sale”

“We’ve got to go through years of our family’s belongings and decide what we want to keep and what not!”

“It’s just the stress of moving there, that’s the problem, and the list of things to do are endless!”

That’s why there are Lifestyle Change Co-ordinators who can help you with every step of the way.

How to minimise chaos and stress when downsizing

Professional Lifestyle Change Co-ordinators are trained to minimise chaos and stress associated with a lifestyle change; they provide support through many services such as: space planning, home beautification and decluttering. Lifestyle Change Co-ordinators can assist with a multitude of stressful tasks:

  • Preparing your property for sale
  • Property maintenance and pre-sale makeover – get your home and garden ready for sale
  • Decluttering – working together with you
  • Space Planning – what furniture will or won’t fit into your new home
  • Disposal – Assist with the disposal of unwanted or no longer needed items
  • Move Management – Co-ordinate and manage your move from beginning to end
  • Removals – pack – move – unpack your belongings, whilst you’re at the beach (if you so desire)!

Your Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator can create a personalised journey planner – so you can see where assistance may be required and what you can do yourself. They may know where your destination is – but no two lifestyle changes are ever the same – that’s why in order to understand your journey they begin with a friendly 90 minute chat to ‘Map the Way’ and provide you with a personalised plan that addresses each of the concerns/stress points you may have going forward or that may be holding you back.

Using a Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator may seem a little excessive to many; especially those downsizers who are independent and strong willed – but a little support can go a long way to making a stress free journey towards a new relaxing lifestyle for you.

Planning ahead when downsizing can streamline the process

Planning a lifestyle change may take months or even years from the initial idea, and often the most crucial aspects of the transition are left to a mad rush in the last few weeks, because of not getting around to it. Each personalised map provides significant milestones that are not only achievable, but are also spread over a period of time and therefore easily reachable – without pulling your hair out.

Just as we plan our travels with stop overs and sight-seeing, shouldn’t your journey to a new lifestyle be as relaxed as a holiday?

If you’d like to discover more about how NLV and NE Solutions work together to create your personalised journey planner, give us a call today on 08 6298 0888.

Jay Shaw
NE Solutions Pty Ltd

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Information in this article is true and correct as of 1 August 2017.

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