“I’ve got a favourite holiday spot down south and being here in the Village is like being down there; I wake up and feel like I’m on holiday,” says 60-year-old lifestyler Glenys Archer.

Glenys, who grew up in Hazelmere, discovered the Village while visiting clients who live there.

“The Village has a country lifestyle and I was drawn to that,” she explains.

“When I found myself on my own, I needed to feel safe again and have my own home, rather than be renting.”

Glenys moved in late in 2021, opting for a two-bedroom abode.

“I have family in the country that want to come and stay and the study gives me that little bit of extra space for my hobby items,” she says.

“I did visit another village in another suburb and had a look around but the house I viewed was tiny.

“These are very spacious; my eldest son referred to my home as ‘primo’ and a friend said it was like an upmarket apartment.”

While Glenys has enjoyed social events and activities in the Village, she loves that the environment still offers privacy, while also delivering safety.

“I sort of weighed it up and I thought ‘well, I don’t fancy going home to a house on a block on its own’,” she says.

“Here, I know I can lock the door and I’m safe and I can come home and it’s my house.

“It’s just so quiet and nice.”

Information in this article is true and correct as of 27 March 2023.

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