I hope you had a great Christmas and that 2024 has started well for you.

The festive season in the Village is always a lot of fun and 2023 was no exception. Our Christmas lunch and dinner events were very popular and the Clubhouse decorations looked an absolute treat! The Village members behind these festive sets worked for months to ensure our beautiful communal spaces were full of Christmas spirit. Watching people having so much fun together in the Village is absolutely heart-warming and makes all the hard work we put in incredibly worthwhile.

Some of our Lifestylers feel quite lonely before they move in. Others have even been a little scared for their safety, having lived in isolated suburban homes with few, if any, security features. Watching their transformation after they move in is brilliant. It doesn’t take long before they’re far more relaxed and content and enjoying themselves with new and sometimes old friends.

It’s surprising how many people moving in nowadays already know people living in the Village, which makes the move easy – and even more fun! Even if you don’t know someone here, it doesn’t take long to meet people given the great facilities and numerous activities. In fact, our community is specifically designed to make social integration simple and natural.

On the sales side of things here in the Village, we’ve been very busy indeed. Enquiries and tour numbers are as high as they’ve ever been and – with a current shortage of homes available to move into immediately – the last remaining sites are being snapped up now, with many people keen to ensure they don’t miss out by waiting until the final homes are actually built.

So, if you’ve been considering moving into our incredible community, I’d encourage you to secure your site sooner rather than later.

See you in the Village!

Information in this article is true and correct as of 1 March 2024.

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