Over the last four years, volunteers from the village have developed a strong association with the staff and children at Helena Valley Primary School, following their request for assistance with their Support-A-Reader program. Helping children improve their reading and comprehension skills, the idea of the program is not to teach the children, but to listen to them read, assist with the pronunciation of words, and explain meanings when the child is unsure.

Every week, eight or nine Lifestylers volunteer for approximately one hour, taking time to listen to each child read for about 15 minutes. The program has proved to be a great success, with noticeable improvement in reading and comprehension from all the children over the course of the year.

As a result of our Lifestylers association with the school, arrangements were made for the school choir to visit our new Club rooms for a fantastic concert just before Christmas in 2020. The choir was well received and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

Rest assured that plans are in place for a return visit later this year.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 28 July 2021.

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