On September 17, around 70 enthusiastic songbirds turned up to enjoy a raucous community singalong. On the night, everybody in the audience was encouraged to sing along with well-known hits from the 1960’s. For those that couldn’t quite remember all the lyrics, the words are projected onto the big screen so everyone could join in, and it is fair to say that a great night was had by one and all.

The brainchild of Village resident, Sue Pasco, this is the third rendition of the singalong and to date we’ve enjoyed songs from the 40’s, 50’s and most recently, the 60’s. Although the night was a great success, we’ll probably need a couple more to get through all the hits from the 60’s and the same will probably be needed for the 70’s as well!

Dinner Saturday September 18

If the singalong wasn’t enough, the following night, our Lifestylers again came together for a wonderful dinner. The night was filled with laughter and many a story was shared with friends from around the Village.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 20 January 2022.

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