Downsizing – or rightsizing – can take a while for people who like to carefully plan their major life transitions and the idea of hurrying the process can make it daunting.

It is possible, though, to make this change more slowly, creating a more manageable, smoother and peaceful experience.

At Helena Valley, we offer this opportunity.

We have so far built 238 homes for residents and, when the Village is complete, there will be 380 homes.

Some of our yet-to-be-finished homes are under construction but there’s a group of 60-odd houses (the last of the sites at the Village) that can’t be built until the Water Corporation completes pipeline works inside our borders – slated for late 2023.

“These sites can be secured now, giving people certainty that they’ve sorted their next home, but also providing ample time to handle their affairs – no rushing required,” says Project Director John Green.

With record sales last financial year and even stronger sales so far this financial year, John says it’s a good time for those thinking about making the Village home to take the next step.

“For those who want to snap up a smaller home site to move into soon, there are some available now,” he explains.

“If it’s a bigger home you’re after, you can secure a site that fits your chosen house design over the pipeline now with a $500 deposit.

“When we know for sure when building can start, we’ll confirm the final price and if you still want to proceed you can, otherwise the deposit will be fully refunded and the site freed up for someone else.

“As this option is fantastically flexible, giving people plenty of time to ready their current home for sale, it’s proving very popular.”
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Information in this article is true and correct as of 12 May 2023.

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