Helena Valley Lifestyle Village’s spectacular clubhouse was awash with dancing revellers during our recent birthday shindig.

This special early evening event, which celebrated 10 years since our community officially began, featured a delectable birthday cake baked by our talented Lifestyler Jeanette Barankewitsch!

The sensational Helena Valley Cruisers were also stars of the show, with their timeless cover tunes inspiring many to twist and shout their way to the dancefloor.

After guests were welcomed to the event by Social Club Committee President Hugh Tollan, Village Manager David Smith addressed the lively crowd, as did Project Director John Green.

“It’s been quite the journey over the past decade and yet it’s still hard to believe it’s been 10 years since our first resident, Carolyn Shannon, moved into the Village, after an approvals process that took three years,” explains John.

“To see how Helena Valley Lifestyle Village has come to life and to witness the friendships that have been formed here is incredibly rewarding.”

A highlight of the food and drink-filled festivities was the showcasing of a carefully curated collection of images detailing the space’s evolution into the buzzing yet tranquil community so many now call home.
Photos of community events and milestones from over the years were also shared.

“Since it’s early days, the Village has grown to include today’s 269 homes, a thriving Arts and Craft centre, a bowling green, hobby workshop, and family centre,” says John.

“Next cabs off the rank are our dedicated function centre and new bowling green as we move towards finalising our final residences.”

On completion, the community will comprise 380 homes.

“Even when the Village was a vacant block of land, it had something special about it, it was palpable when you walked onto the land; you could feel a sense of peace and connection to nature that’s quite rare so close to suburbia and it’s still here today,” states John.

“This is a central reason we have so many people who love nature in the village and why so many people love living here.”

The celebration also paid tribute to key Village staff – Richard, Mark, Trish and Dave – and the dedicated Social Club Committee team members.

With so many great times enjoyed already and a new wave of homes and residents incoming, we’re eagerly looking forward to the next 10 years!

Information in this article is true and correct as of 19 September 2023.

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