A report released earlier this year by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (Australia’s Health 2018 In Brief) stated that older Australians are not doing the recommended amount of exercise for their age each week.   This is a statistic that National Lifestyle Villagers have chosen to refute, with a large number of residents taking up the classes and activities on offer at their communities.

Hillview Lifestyle Village Manager Iain Reid says that the residents there are a healthy bunch.

“When people move into our Village, they walk everywhere because everything is here within walking distance,” said Iain.  “Some of these people have never set foot in a gym and never done a class in their life and they now they show up every week for their classes. I really see a change in people when they come here. They don’t come here to slow down that’s for sure!”

“We all know that if you keep physically fit you’re happier and healthier, so joining in one of the many classes we offer, or simply meeting other residents for a stroll around the beautiful grounds is a great way to boost health,” he added.

Hillview resident Carol Brown is a big fan of the fitness classes.  “I always played lots of sport, and I am loving the social side of the classes in the Village.  We have guests come in and we do the activities and then a coffee afterwards, so it’s a great catch up.  Friends who have never exercised much in their life are coming in every week,” said Carol. “The Village layout is also conducive to activity –  I walk to the clubhouse, to the bus stop, to the shops, to my friends’ houses, I really don’t need to drive anywhere,” she added.

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Information in this article is true and correct as of 3 December 2018.

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