Anne Jeavons and Lee Thompson brought some creative flair to the village recently, writing and directing the village’s first pantomime entitled ‘Cinderella – Village Style’.

After a huge response to the audition call, everyone was given a part and the show preparations got underway! All the hard work culminated in a fantastic night where Lifestylers, friends and family alike were entertained by the familiar story with a modern twist (including the aptly named Baron and Baroness Stoneybroke and beautiful stepdaughters Vacciny and Covidia)!

Performances like this can only be made possible with the many people who helped to create the production. We would like to say particular thanks to Alison Didovich for the set designs (also used at Christmas), Keith Web for the sound and lighting, Marloo Theatre who helped with the costumes and of course the many Lifestylers who contributed along the way. Bravo.

Well done again everyone, we can’t wait to see the next creation!

Information in this article is true and correct as of 30 March 2021.

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