Led by award-winning Architect Richard Hammond, our amazing community has been developed by an extraordinary team of people who are all committed to creating a sustainable village that embraces the idyllic hills landscape, rather than decimating the bushlands and surrounds.

And it is fair to say that this is no more evident than with the new site at 56 on the Boulevard. Destined to be a walkway, this forgotten and neglected patch of land has instead been transformed into one of the most outstanding homes in our village.

In consultation with an arborist, the footprint of the home was established and after regular discussion between the Project Manager, Sales team, Prestart Coordinator and, most importantly, the client, this home slowly began to take shape.

Once the home was onsite the landscaping team from Sustainable Outdoors went to work on this blank canvas. Native plants were used to enhance the natural feel of the village while the environmentally sustainable waterwise garden encouraged the native flora and fauna to flourish. The rock pitching stabilises the banks and with native plants in place, the brushwood fence that encloses the alfresco adds the finishing touch.

Congratulations to all involved for your vision and hard work in bringing it all to life.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 18 August 2021.

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