Many downsizers consider spare bedrooms to be a necessity but an increasing number of Lifestylers moving into our Village are realising they simply don’t need as many as they thought.

“Typically, when people start their downsizing journey, they’re convinced they need a third bedroom,” explains Project Director John Green.

“The idea of living with just two bedrooms is quite foreign if your current home has four but downsizing is a gradual process.

“We find that, as people become more comfortable with the change they’re making, they soon see the benefits of far fewer sleeping spaces now that the kids aren’t living at home.”

John says it’s becoming more common for downsizers to opt for the Village’s architecturally designed two bedroom homes, embracing the upsides of the choice.

“When most couples or singles sit down and really think it through carefully, they see they don’t have guests stay regularly or long enough to justify the third bedroom – and that it’s far better to have more indoor and outdoor general living spaces,” he says.

“For most people, having the grandkids or a friend or relative stay in a spare bedroom that is also the study and/or sewing room is completely fine.

“This option makes a lot more sense than needing two separate bedrooms that don’t get used enough to warrant having them, let alone having to clean them!”

John says many two bedroom home buyers are channelling the money they’re saving into jazzing up their larger outdoor area.

“We see many of our Lifestylers use the extra funds to put in electric blinds so they can make the most of their alfresco areas all year round,” he shares.

“Others put the money in the bank for a rainy day or that extra special holiday and we find all are very glad they opted for the home size they actually need, rather than what they thought they needed.

“When downsizing, considering it realistically is a must and can really free your budget up for some incredible new adventures.”

Information in this article is true and correct as of 1 September 2023.

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