What Our Lifestylers Say – Sue and Geoff

What Our Lifestylers Say – Sue and Geoff

Sue: Hi, I’m Sue Worth.

Geoff: And I’m Geoff Worth.

Sue: We’ve lived at the Helena Valley Lifestyle Village for the past five
years. The main reason for Helena Valley was we know the area, we
have friends just living about a kilometre away. The countryside of the
Helena Valley area, that’s Kalamunda, Midland, has always appealed
to us.

Geoff: I’m a sports man, I play a lot of golf and the golf course is close
by, that I play at. I enjoy pool and darts and the facilities in the lifestyle
village are great to use.

Sue: We just enjoy we’ve got some great friends, brilliant neighbours,
we just love it. Just love it. We’ve just come alive since we’ve been
here, it’s been the best thing. We can just lock up and leave, we’ve had
some fantastic holidays, we just live with great people in this village
and we’re just very, very happy. It’s made a huge difference to our lives
and I dread to think what would have happened if we hadn’t moved in.