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Proposed new function centre

If only we had a crystal ball! The last year or so has been unprecedented and the massive run on home sales has meant that we have gone from thinking we had plenty of sites left, to something quite different!

As you can see from the Masterplan of Stages 7 and 8, a lot of the homes have been sold already. To put this all into perspective, we usually have around 16 display homes available at any one time and currently, we have two - and both of those are sold!

We’ve been frantically trying to replenish our stock of display homes and from our recent order of 24, incredibly 17 went under offer, even before they arrived at the village.

Fortunately, a few displays did make it through without being sold and we will hopefully have six displays available prior to Christmas. At least that’s the number as it stands today – I now know that this could well change tomorrow!

Once Stages 7 and 8 are done, then there’s only two other stages left to build, both of which are constrained by outside factors. One factor is when the Water Corporation will complete their water pipeline works, and the other is the addition of the Function Centre land next door which will allow for additional sites should it proceed.

Just so you know, our sites are not a ‘one size fits all’. To maximise the quality of the streetscape and amenities of the village, we design a specific home for each site, which means not every home can fit on every site. Opposite is a list of the sites we have left and the number of homes we can accommodate. As you can see, if you are looking for a Peppertree or a Corymbia, then there’s only one of each design left in Stages 7 or 8. So please remember, that while it may look like there’s a few sites left - in regard to individual home designs, there’s really not.

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With interest this high I strongly recommend that if you are considering moving into the village, then you do so ASAP to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget, once you’ve chosen your home design you can reserve your site with a $500 deposit.

So don’t take too long and risk missing out.

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