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Can you believe it, that we are coming to the end of the project and starting to sell the very last sites available at Helena Valley Lifestyle Village?

The extremely high demand over the last 21 months has sped up the building and construction of all of stage 7 and 8 and now we are starting to release sites in stages 9 and 10 and then that’s it! No more!! But there’s a catch we didn’t expect… The Water Corporation have a pipeline that runs diagonally through the village (it’s under ground so you can’t see it) and they have plans to build a new one along our northern boundary and remove the old one which is great for us. The catch is, we need them to do this before we can build stages 9 and 10.

Water Corp have had these plans since 2014 and back then we thought we had plenty of time and didn’t think it would slow us down, but with the extremely high demand over the last 21 months, we now find ourselves being held up by the delays Water Corp have had in completing their works.

They now tell us that they are working towards the completion around the back end of next year and we can’t start our installation works until then.

So what we’ve decided to do is offer a pre-release of the last remaining stage 9 and 10 sites now because we have so many people who love the village but aren’t ready to move for a year or two and so the timing works beautifully for those people.

That way you can secure one of the last remaining sites in the village now, knowing that you’ve got time to get your home ready to sell and probably get an even better price for it the way the real estate market is moving at the moment.

However, if you want to move in sooner, all is not lost because we do have a number of sites still available in some of the previous stages for 1 and 2 bedroom homes. If you are after a three bedroom home to move into now, then speak to Richard or Mark as we’ve asked our engineers to look more closely at what other sites we might be able to build around the pipeline now and we can put you on the waiting list in case one of those comes up or we have any cancellations.

The plan below shows stages 1 to 8 which are either already built or in the process of being built and then stage 9 over the pipeline and stage 10 which is around the new proposed Function Centre and full size bowling green which is the last stage in the village.

We think these last sites will go quickly if the last 21 months have been any indication so the sooner you get in touch with us the better chance you have of getting the ideal home and site. Book a tour online and Richard and Mark can talk you through how you can secure one of the last sites available in the village!

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