It is now over 18 months since my daughter-in-law & I were driving past this Village
& she suggested we go in and have a look at some units just to have a look!

Richard took us for a tour on the buggy and showed us through the type of homes
that were available. My daughter in law said I think you’ll be happy in here. It feels
good and safe.

We went home to the country where I lived as a farmer’s wife for 54 years. I have always
lived in a small country town all my life and this Village here had that quiet country feel.
After many many tears and talks with family we decided this would suit me!

I have now been here over 12 months and I love my new home clean and fresh
looking and its growing every day to be my home. Also, my late husband’s little
dog has settled in so very well. I think I have the best position in the Village for my
home and so quiet but guess that will change in time to come! My neighbours are so
friendly and welcoming

The Admin Staff, Richard, Jenny, Mark and Co have been so helpful and friendly
& I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they have done to make the
greatest change in my life so enjoyable. Thank you all so very much & God bless
you all. Love from

Information in this article is true and correct as of 1 July 2022.

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